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Healthy Posture

Winchester Family Chiropractic Performs Posture Checks When a healthy posture is your priority, you can enjoy the good health and happiness that comes with it. 

Did you know that aging in the spinal discs can cause postural deviations? These deviations can then lead to intestinal diverticula, hemorrhoids, varicosities of the legs, osteoporosis, hip and foot deformities, and overall poor quality of health and life. 

The resulting distortions can then cause accelerated aging and may make you feel older than your chronological age because there of the interference in the nerve supply to your organs, muscles and joints.

So, what can you do? Visit your chiropractor and have a simple, easy posture check.

Are you thinking that postural distortions would be obvious and that you would already be aware that you have one? Distortions may look very slight on the outside or they may be obvious. They can cause rapid degeneration of your metabolism and immune system on the inside or take years to develop. Things such as a fall, a car accident, sports injuries, trauma and even the birth process can accelerate degeneration of the spine, leading to disability and a shorter life span.

Another reason to have a posture check is that you may have a distortion and not feel it. If you have a subluxation, you may not function as well in everyday life and may not enjoy the same quality of life as people with a healthy structure, spine, and nervous system.

There is always potential within you for better health and happiness. We can help.

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Information in this article was adapted from's article, Posture, Growth, and Healthy Emotions.